Preparing Your Vehicle For Winter Months

Driving During Winter Months Can Be Dangerous

Before it’s cold and storms are blowing we recommend you take the following precautions towards preparing your vehicle for the winter months.

1. Check your tire pressure and tread depth

If you have winter tires, the time to put them on is now. Good tires are the key to staying on the road and keeping you safe. It’s especially important to make sure you have enough tread depth for the winter months.

Check your tire pressure, reference your owner’s manual or the manufacturers information available on the driver side door panel for the recommended air pressure levels. Most gas stations offer air to use. Come to our shop and we will adjust your air pressures for free.

Tire Specs Driver Side Door Panel

To make sure your tires have the right amount of tread, perform the “Lincoln Test”. Place a penny into your tires tread with the top of Lincoln’s head pointing inward toward the tire. If you can see all of Lincoln’s head, you need to replace the tire.

Lincoln test for tires

2. Check Your Engine Coolant & Antifreeze Levels

Antifreeze is a liquid that prevents your engine from freezing during the winter months. Without it, your engine can freeze and even become ruined.

A kit for checking your engine coolant levels is available at any auto supply store. You can also check your antifreeze level by following the instructions in your owner’s manual. Of course, you can always bring your car to Dupont’s Service Center and we will make sure your coolant is in great condition for the winter.

Coolant cap

3. Check Your Heater System

Make sure that your blower works and the window defroster is operating. Read about our Air Conditioning Services. 

4. Inspect Windshield Wipers

If your windshield wipers are worn or have begun streaking, it is time to replace your wiper blades. Your wipers keep you safe during poor visibility conditions. We recommend replacing your blades as soon as they have begun streaking. We offer premium Michelin and Anco wiper blades.

5. Examine The Battery & Charging System

The cold weather puts a very high demand on the charging system. The only accurate way to detect a weak battery is with professional equipment. However, most motorists can perform routine care on their charging system. Wearing protective rubber gloves; scare away corrosion from posts and cable connections, clean all surfaces; retighten all connections.

Corroded Battery System

A word of caution: Removal of cables can cause loss of data and codes on newer vehicles. Be sure to check your owner’s manual to prevent any data loss. We will gladly perform this service for you to ensure no loss of data.

6. Inspect Headlights & Brake Lights

Before the snow begins to fall, replace any burned out bulbs. Clean the dirt and grime from all lenses. Never use a dry rag because you can easily scratch the lens. Clouded lenses can be resurfaced. Check out our video on headlight refinishing, this details our process.

Cloudy headlight

7. Have Your Brakes Checked

Are you hearing a squeal? Does it take longer for your car to stop than you remember? Does your steering wheel shake when coming to a stop? It wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring your car to Dupont’s to have your brakes checked before snowfall. Stopping a vehicle on an icy road can be dangerous without a good set of brakes. We recommend you get the, checked for safety and to also prevent costly repairs in the future. Read about our brake services.

8. Replace Dirty Filters

This can include the air, fuel, and cabin filters. A poorly running engine is less efficient and burns more gasoline. Do you need your oil changed? We recommend taking care of your vehicle needs before the impending snowfall.

Winter Safety Checklist

Before the snow is blowing we recommend YOU put together a winter safety checklist. Even if you have a phone and can call for help, it may take time for that help to arrive. Especially in severe weather. Keep the following in your vehicle.

Winter Safety Checklist

If you have any questions about preparing your vehicle for winter call us at 603-742-8627.

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