Transmission Service
The Automatic Transmission, among the most complex mechanical devices.

Automatic transmissions have become more sophisticated with additional gears and computerized electronic controls and are designed to work with the engine controls. For best operation have you automatic or manual transmission inspected and serviced as recommended in your vehicles owner’s manual.

Here are just a few of the Transmission Service and Repairs we provide:

  • External Diagnostic Service: Computer Scan, Test Drive, Visual Check
  • Recommend Maintenance: Fluid and Filter Change (where applicable). Ask about how to keep your transmission on the road longer.
  • External Repairs: Minor repairs that can be performed without removing the transmission
  • Reseal Services: Removing the transmission and replacing all external seals
  • Minor Internal Repairs: Soft overhaul of transmission, including replacing seals and minor problem items

Simple tips on how to prevent Automatic Transmission repairs:

  • Most problems start with overheating
  • Heavy load: pulling a trailer, rocking back & forth in heavy snow, racing, towing improperly, etc…
  • Fluid burns losing its lubricating qualities
  • Lack of maintenance – Very common reason for transmission failure
  • Keep fluids changed and address problems immediately. (leaks, hard or late shifting)
  • You can sometimes nurse a poorly designed AT with maintenance if you start while it is young