Coronavirus Precautions & Procedures

Dear Clients,

As we head into these uncertain times, the staff at Duponts Service Center is taking extra precautions to ensure that our client’s health and well being is our primary concern.

Our shop has always been one of the cleanest in the industry and until the the threat of the virus diminishes we are taking new measures to ensure our customers and  employees safety.

We are adopting new procedures that start with screening employees each morning prior to work to ensure they are healthy, anyone with symptoms will be sent home immediately and are to contact their physician.

We have sanitized our shop and will sanitize any touch points we may have on a client’s vehicle, this includes keys, steering wheels, switches, controls & handles. Our technicians and advisor staff will follow CDC Guidelines and will wear gloves not only to protect their hands but your vehicle as well. Employees have been instructed to sanitize their work areas, the shop restrooms, shop door handles, service counters, credit card equipment and of course their hands throughout the day.

Although we are confident our waiting area is clean, we would like to encourage our clients to leave their vehicles and not wait for them.  Please take advantage of our free shuttle service in the Dover area as well as our low-cost courtesy cars and free pick up and delivery service, we are delighted to offer them.

As essential supplies in supermarkets dwindle, their is also growing concern in the auto industry that parts sourced from China and other areas may be in short supply as well.  If you are contemplating essential repairs on your vehicle it might make sense to schedule them sooner than later. Or have us order the required parts for you and we will hold them until you are ready to come in.

Of course, if I, or any our the Dupont’s staff can be of service for anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. I am sure if we all work together we can get through these challenging times.  On behalf of the Dupont staff I would like to wish you and your family the best of health.

David P. Dupont
Owner, Dupont’s Service Center